Battle Of Leningrad

Vyborg-Petrozavodsk operation (10.06.44-09.08.44)

The military plans of the Soviet army for summer 1944 on the "Finnish" front assumed the simultaneous developed offensive on the Karelian isthmus, Olonetsk and Maselsk directions and creation large encirclement to the north from Ladoga lake. The offensive on the Karelian isthmus, where USSR had superiority in forces, began on June 10, 1944 and after two weeks of fierce fights Vyborg city has fall.

Vyborg operation (10-20.06.44)

Svirsk-Petrozavodsk operation (21.06.44-09.08.44)

Finnish command immediately begine transformed reinforcements from East Kareliya and for this purpose has accepted June 16 heavy, but the important decision: withdraw without fight from good Karelian defensive. Apparently, this decision was successful. The Finnish army by the large efforts managed to stop the Soviet offensive on the different directions: at the end of June - beginning of July about Vyborg, in the middle of July - in Vuosalmy on the central isthmus, at the end of July - in Pitkyaranta area, in the beginning of August - in Loymula and at the end of August - in Ilomantsy.

Then USSR was compelled to remove the perfect forces, as they were required on Pribaltic and Berlin directions. The Soviet attacks have stopped. Last weeks before truce were not similar to accident - there was a usual trench warfare. Thus the losses of the Finnish army were very great: about 12 thousand lost and over 50 thousand wounded and disappeared. However fights on summer 1944 have resulted that in the subsequent negotiation with the Soviet Union the government of Finland managed to avoid the requirements about unconditional capitulation and conditions, unacceptable for the country, of the conclusion of the world.

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