Battle Of Leningrad

Vyborg operation (10-20.06.44)

Vyborg operation 1944, 10-20.6, armies of the right wing (21-th, 23-th) and 13-th Air army of the "Leningrad" front in interaction with Baltic navy and Ladoga military fleet; a part of Vyborg-Petrozavodsk operation. The purpose to release Karelo-Finnish SSR and the north part of the Leningrad area. On the Karelian isthmus 3-rd and 4-th Finnisf corps defended and there were main reserves of the Finnish army. Finnish forces has created a strong defense on depth of 120 kms. During Vyborg operations the Soviet armies have broken through powerful defensive, have advanced on depth of 110-130 kms and 20.6 have taken Vyborg city.

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