Battle Of Leningrad

The Leningrad-Novgorod operation (14.01.44-01.03.44)

By simultaneous impacts on flank of 18-th German army under Leningrad and Novgorod the Soviet armies route its main forces, then offensive on the Narva and Pskov directions, route 16-th army. The group of armies "North" was rejected on 220-280 kms.

Krasnoselsk-Ropshinsk operation (14.01.44-30.01.44)

Novgorod-Luga offensive operation (14.01.44-15.02.44)

January 14, 1944 the Soviet armies have put shattering impact on the 18-th German army. January 17, Luftwaffe divisions were route. From catastrophe on the left flank the German army was rescued by resolute resistance of 3 corps SS (including divisions SS "Police" и "Nordland", and also almost useless 9-th and 10-th field Luftwaffe divisions). The situation worsened till evenings of January 18, when Kuhler withdraw on the defense line "Pantera". German losses have made 31000 men.

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