Battle Of Leningrad

Krasnoselsk-Ropshinsk operation (14.01.44-30.01.44)

January 14, forces of the "Leningrad" and "Volkhov" fronts playing the main role in operation went in offensive.

Attack of 2-nd Shock army began at 10 hours 40 minutes with support of sea aircraft. German 3-rd SS tank corps, defence in front of offensive Soviet army, having overcome confusion, has organize resistance. Only on the third day Soviet troops finish break of the main defensive. Taken possession key roads in Gostilitsa and Dyatlitsa area, the rifle units of the first echelon have made the way on depth of 8-10 kms in Ropsha directed. Offensive of 42-nd army of the general I. I. Maslennikov began on January 15.

The enemy, basing on powerful defensive, has rendered furious resistance. Only to outcome of January 17, Soviet army have broken through the main German defence line, up to 10 kms and wedged in the second line. The opportunity to develop offensive in Ropsha direction has appeared. On this day Germans, expecting an encirclement of their forces in Ropsha and Uritsk areas, beginning withdraw in the south direction. Having spent for first two days of fights not only tactical, but also operative (61-th field division) reserves, 18-th German army has thrown in counter-offensive from Mga direction three fields divisions and motorize division "Nordland".

It was necessary as soon as possible to break German resistance and not give him an opportunity slip out from encirclement. With this purpose the second echelons and mobile groups of Soviet armies were entered into battle. The especially fierce fights have inflamed on Krasnoye Selo approaches. High battle skill and courage have shown soldiers of 63-rd Guards rifle division. Two its regiments in night on January 19, by simultaneous attack from front and rear have taken this key position on krasnoselsk direction.

In the morning of January 19, 2-nd Shock taken Ropsha. The rests of German group were destroyed the next day.

The rout krasnoselsk-ropshinsk-uritsk German group had the important operative importance. Two divisions of enemy were completely routed, and five - have carried heavy losses. German has lost only killed about 20 thousand soldier and officers. More than thousand was taken in captivity.

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