Battle Of Leningrad

Offensive of the Soviet armies under Leningrad on January 14 - July, 1944

Situation by the end of 1943 has changed by a radical image. Soviet armies prepared for new decisive impacts on enemy. Under Leningrad Germans divisions continued to remain on the same positions on significant extent of line front. Hitler and his staff hoped to grasp city.

But hour of payment has come. Formations of Leningrad Front, well prepared and equipped by battle technique, under command the general of army Govorov in middle of January, 1944 take the offensive from areas Oranienbaum and Pulkovo. Forts and ships of the Baltic fleet have opened storm fire on German defensive positions. Simultaneously by all forces has struck on an enemy the Volkhov Front. 2nd Pribaltic Front prior to the beginning of offensive Leningrad and Volkhov Fronts by active actions has held down enemy reserves and has not allowed to throw them under Leningrad. In result of the plan, carefully developed by talented commanders well organized interaction armies of three fronts and Baltic fleet, strong German grouping was rout, and Leningrad was completely released from blockade.

2nd Pribaltic Front take the offensive first, with the purpose to hold down 16th German Army and not admit transfer its forces under Leningrad and Novgorod. January 12, connection of 3rd Shock Army of the general N.E.Chibisov and 10th Guards Army of the general A.V. Suhomlina attacked enemy from the southwest of Novosokolnikov, and in two days 22th Army of the general V.A. Ushkevich has put impact to the north of this city.

January 14, armies of the Leningrad and Volkhov Fronts playing the main role in operation,take the offensive.

The Leningrad-Novgorod operation (14.01.44-01.03.44)

February 15, the Volkhov Front was disbanded, and its armies are transferred to Leningrad and partially 2nd Pribaltic Fronts. The armies of the Leningrad Front continued prosecution the opponent on the Pskov direction. 2-nd Pribaltic Front at first held down the opponent in area Novosokolniky, and then pursued connections German 16А, which German command allocated on the west. Because of delayed detection of withdrawal enemy the direct contact with it was lost, that has allowed the opponent to occupy defence in depth on the beforehand prepared boundary to the east of Pskovs, Ostrov, Novorzev, Pustoshky.

In the summer of 1944 forces of the Leningrad and Karelian Fronts at participation of the Baltic fleet, Ladoga and Onega military fleet have put a defeat German armies, defence on the Karelian isthmus and in Southern Kareliya, that has created conditions for clearing arctic territory and output Finland from war.

Vyborg-Petrozavodsk operation (10.06.44-09.08.44)

Moonzund operation (27.09.44-24.11.44)

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