Battle Of Leningrad

Actions of the Soviet armies under Leningrad on 1943

In the beginning of December 1942, the Soviet armies have surrounded, and in January - beginning of February 1943 rout the main German grouping, have broken through German defense and take the offensive, having rejected an enemy on hundreds kilometers on the west.

Using favorably conditions, the armies of the Volkhov and Leningrad Fronts strengthened by reserves have struck from two directions on German defences from the south of Ladoga. The German troops have rendered strong resistance. After seven-day time heavy fights the enemy was rejected from the southern coast of the Ladoga lake on 10 kms.The blockade of Leningrad was broken through by efforts Soviet soldiers on January 18, 1943.

Break of Leningrad blockade

To develop strategic success, the Soviet High Command has decided to expand front of general offensive. On the northwest direction was planned rout group of armies "North" . The main impact after liquidation "demyansk" grouping was planned put by armies of the left wing of "Northwest" front on Pskov, Narva with the purpose to surround and destroy the volkhov and leningrad grouping of Germans. Were afraid the new encirclement, German command on February 19, began remove armies from "demyansk" ledge.

Demensk operation 1943

The further development and offensive of the Volkhov and Leningrad Fronts with the purposes of liquidation "mga" ledge has not received. From February 10, till February 23, their connections be wedged in German defense only on 10-15 km. Attempts to continue offensive on second half of March by armies of 67th and 2nd Shock Armies on Sinyavsk-Mga direction haven't crowned by success 'cause of lacks an ammunition.

Mga operation 1943, 22.7-22.8. The purpose - break German plans to organize a new offensive on Leningrad and hold down its forces in this area. In result Mga operation the Soviet armies be wedged in a defense of German 18А. However overall objective of operation was achieved. Germans carried the large losses, especial from fire of artillery and impacts of aircraft, thrown in "mga" ledge all reserves of 18А and significant forces from other front areas.

In September the Soviet armies have taken possession of powerful defences near Sinyavino. In October German has removed their troops on the river of Volkhov from Kirish bridge-head and has begun construction new and strengthening old defences.

Nevel operation 1943, 6-10.10, armies of the right wing (3&4 Shock armies) Kalinin Front. The purpose to release city Nevel and to create conditions for the subsequent offensive in Belorusia and Pribaltic. Nevel was transform by German in strong defences, which defended five divisions of 3rd Panzer Army and 16th Army. The Soviet armies, have rushed, into the first day of operation straight off in Nevel and have taken possession in it, that has deprived Germans manoeuvre freedom on joint group of armies. By October 10, 3rd Shock and 4th Shock Soviet Armies have advanced on 25-30 km. October 11, take to a defense reflecting furious counter-attack.

At the end of December command of group of armies "North" was only 40 not completed divisions, defending front by extent of 500 miles. Kuhler urgently asked to permit him to remove blockade of Leningrad and to depart on the west up to "line Pantera ". Such movement could reduce extent defence line to 120 miles. Gitler has rejected his request.

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