Battle Of Leningrad

Tikhvin offensive operation (10.11.41-30.12.41)

Basis of the offensive plan was the idea of an encirclement and destruction German forces in area of Tikhvin, to that a configuration of front appreciably favoured. The forces of Soviet army occupied a covering situation in relation to the opponent, which was impose from three sides and was in a bag. With purpose of interception roads, conect tikhvin group with its rear, impacts of main Soviet forces were directed. On " North" operative group under general Ivanov command the task was assigned: acting the right flank in the south direction intercept highway and iron-road Tikhvin - Volkhov and cut of Germans way of withdrawal in the west direction. Towards right flank of "North" operative group the "Pavlovich" operative group was aimed. It task was to intercept iron road Tikhvin - Budogosh and cut of Germans way of withdrawal in the southwest direction. Thus, both these operative groups owed by counter impact from the south and the north to cut the communications of German troops, ocupied Tikhvin, and joint efforts to close encirclement around city.

65-th rifle division rendered impact on city from the southwest. "South" operative group, headed by the general Yakovlev, has received a task to come in a general direction on Budogosh with the purpose to cut the communications and ways of German withdrawal on distant approaches to Tikhvin. Simultaneously with offensive of 4-th army, forces of the "Leningrad" front passed in offensive rendered impact across the Volkhov river in Kirishi direction, promoting 4-th army in destruction of the tikhvin group. The neighbour from the left - 52-th army already conducted successful offensive action.

November 19, the offensive of 4-th army developed slowly.

In the morning of December 5, 4-th army rearranged and more strengthened, again have undertaken offensive. "North" operative group take the right bank of Tikhvinka river.

Offensive on the east and the south approaches to city successfully developed.

To outcome of December 8, 191-th and 65-th rifle divisions, having broken through defence line came to Tikhvin. In night on December 9, the resolute attack began. The impact was rendered by two divisions simultaneously: 191-th rd- from north, 65-th rd - from the south. The attack was supported by artillery. Not having sustained Soviet impact, Germans began withdraw. Into night on December 9, 1941 Soviet 191-th and 65-th divisions have rushed in city.

All battle actions in Budogosh direction developed more successfully. While 65-th rifle division and 27-th cavalry division order persevering prosecution, 4-я Guards rifle division has beaten out Germans from Sitomli and cut off road on Budogosh. German troops have got in an encirclement. The withdraw Germans had throw engineering, weapon, wounded and make the way by woods on the southwest or surrended.

The fights for the right bank of Volkhov river against German troops approached to the end. The forces of the left wing of army on December 21, have taken Budogosh city and by December 27 came to Volkhov river on Kirishi direction. Thus all territory and railway Tihkvin-Volchov were in Soviet hands. German offensive with the purpose of interception the last ways, connected Leningrad with the country, and suffocation of the defence counsels of city by hungry blockade was broken, German divisions routed and are rejected on initial boundaries.

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