Battle Of Leningrad

Sinyavsk operation (19.08.42-10.10.42)

The purpose break German preparation for new storm of Leningrad and break through blockade of city. Offensive on sinyavsk, and then on mga directions, the Soviet armies have broken preparing German impact to Leningrad, but to break through blockade it was not possible.

Nevskaya Dubrovka, a village on the right bank Neva river, in which area forces of the "Leningrad" front twice (in September1941 and September 1942) forced river, grasped bridge-head on its left bank in area Moscow Dubrovka, so-called Neva bridge-head, and kept it about 400 days (September 1941- April 1942 and September 1942 up to Januare 1943).

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