Battle Of Leningrad

Moonzund operation (27.09.44-24.11.44)

Moonzund operation 1944, 27.9-24.11, descent operation of 8-th Soviet army of "Leningrad" front and forces of the "Baltic" fleet during WW2 with the purpose to take Moonzund islands. To the beginning of operation Germans had on islands strengthened field division (11,5 thousand man), 30 aircrafts, 40 ships. 2-nd Soviet Estonian rifle corps, 139 boats and motor-blocks, 260-th sea-rifle brigade, 13-th Air army participated in clearing islands. The operation began on September 27 by landing from torpedo boats sea-rifle battalion on Vormsi island. September 29, descent is landed on Muhu island, which by morning October 1, was released. October 2, after air and artillery preparation from boats descent has landed on Dago island. The next day and this island was cleared from Germans. October 5 made landing on Yezel island. Only November 18 the Soviet armies have broken through defensive, and November 24, Yezel island was completely released Germans.

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