Battle Of Leningrad

Demensk offensive operation (15-28.2.43)

In February, 1943 the Soviet High Command has begun preparation for operation "Polar star", which purpose was liquidation "demensk" bridge-head which long time defended by parts of German 16-th army. For an encirclement of German armies in this area the perfect parts of 27-th and 1-st shock Soviet armies were strapped. From a reserve group of armies the general-colonel M.S.Hozin has arrived, in which have come 68-th and 1-st tank army - these forces were supposed entered into break on site of 1-st shock (in rear of German in main direction). The undertaken offensive of Soviet armies has forced Germans to speed up conclusion divisions.

March 13, 3-rd and 6-th Guards air-landing regiment of 1-st Guard air-landing division, without tanks, without air and almost without artillery support have begun offensive to the prepared German defense line. By evening, havining carried large losses (350 killed and more than 1000 wounded), air-landing have cleared from enemy the left coast of Lovat river and, pass 17 kilometers, went on the river Redya, where the line of front was for a long time stabilized.

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