Battle Of Leningrad

Demensk operation (07.01.42-20.05.42)

Demensk offensive operation 1942, 7.1-20.5. The break at the southeast coast of lake Ilmen was intercepted Germans in the west direction in area Stary Russy, but had complete success in the southern direction. The large Russian forces, with which 16-th German army almost nothing could oppose, have laid to themselves a way on the south to the west of a valley of river Lovat and together with forces, going from area of city Holm on the north, February 8 was surrounded with six divisions of 2-nd and 10-th army corps, having formed Demyansk encirclement. About 100 thousand German soldiers were necessary supply within several months only by air.

Russian acted here the same as earlier against 9-th German army: they persistently aspired to compress a ring of encirclement and destroy armies, taking place in it. Despite of reduction of norm foodstuffs in half, low temperature, and continuous attacks of the Soviet forces, which in several places managed to break through the battle orders, Germans maintained by impact of Soviet. They have receded very little.With the purpose to release surrounded division German armies have begun offensive from the southwest of Stary Russa and during fights, last some weeks, up to the west extremity of encirclement through a 40-kilometer corridor. By April 20, the communication with surrounded divisions was restored.

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