Battle Of Leningrad

Break of Leningrad blockade

In the morning of January 12, 1943 "Volkhov" and "Leningrad" fronts simultaneously have begun offensive. The special complexity was represented break of defense in line of 67-th army. Here Germans positions passed on high-ice bank of Neva river. In night before offensive the aircraft forces has put impacts on German fire positions. At 9:30 on both fronts the powerful artillery and air bombardment began. From 2-nd Shock army it proceeded 1 hour 45 minutes, and from 67-th - 2 hours 20 minutes. During 40 minutes prior to the beginning attack the Soviet assault aircrafts by groups to 6-8 planes has put impacts on communication centers, main fortifications, artillery and mortar batteries. As soon as the artillery bombardment has terminated, infaltry and easy tanks of 67-th Soviet army have directed on ice to the left coast of Neva river. Under artillery covering fire the first assault groups have reached the opposite bank. The rifle and tank divisions have overcome on ice the river and successfully attacked an enemy. The German resistance between Shlisselburg, was broken.

To outcome of day, coming in the centre 136-th and 268-th rifle divisions wedged in German defense on depth up to 3 kms. In line of 2-nd Shock army the most fierce fights were developed for basic fortification in Linka village and Working settlement N 8. To outcome of day the forces of Soviet army break through the first position of enemy defense and advanced on 2-3 kms. Since morning of January 13 the offensive proceeded. The greatest progress achieved in a direction of Working settlement N 5. To outcome of day distance between coming towards each other Soviet shock groupings of fronts did not exceed 5-6 kms. Germans counter-attack on the next day have strengthed. To the north of Sinyavino German reinforcement has thrown (61-th and 69-th field divisions) from Kirishi. From January 15 till January 18, groupings of the "Volkhov" and "Leningrad" fronts continued persistently to advance towards each other, expanding break on the flanks. Germans, carrying the large losses, lost one position for another. The ring around of its parts acting in the north "sinyavsk" ledge, was gradually compressed.

In first half of day on January 18, forces of 2-nd Shock and 67-th army have incorporated in area of Working settlements N 1 and N 5. By the end of day the sout coast of the Ladoga lake was cleared from enemy, and its isolated groups are liquidated. Between the Ladoga lake and line of front the corridor of width 8-11 kms was formed, across which during 17 day were laid highway.

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